Birthday and Festival

Every year in early December Delta Cultura Cabo Verde has an intense time. The 2nd of December is the birthday of the football school. This year it makes 9 years that the football school has started its training. And every first weekend in December is the date of the Batucofestival that Delta Cultura Cabo Verde […]

The vegetable garden gives …

It gives vegetables. We have harvested tomatoes and carrots in the last few weeks. Our training center is thus also a center of vegetables. However, we did not sell the crop but divided it among the girls who have taken care of the garden. This goal was achieved after a long and exciting battle against […]

Newly equipped computer science room

Thanks to dear Peter Weiser our computer science room is finally sufficiently equipped with computers and monitors. Peter donated 25 computers and 17 monitors to the Education Center. Delta Cultura Germany – our newly formed association in Germany – one of their first tasks was to fund the transportation to Tarrafal. But not only the […]

Fundraiser in Thun

On Saturday, 17. of September in the beautiful town of Thun, Berner Oberland, you had the opportunity to learn about the work of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde and especially the Football School Tarrafal. A big event took place on the main square of Thun. Organized and conducted by United Oberland. Three organizations are behind this […]

Important visits

We from Delta Cultura are very pleased and honoured about the visits we received in the last days from different cooperation partners. Katrin Elsemann from streetfootballworld, Corina Eggenberger from FIFA-Football for Hope Movement and the president of the Cape Verdean Football Federation visited the Education Center Tarrafal. The main reason of their visit was to […]

Tribute to Fodé Wade of Diambars

Delta Cultura received the sad news from the death of a good friend, member of the senegalese organisation Diambars. Fodé Wade died in a car accident in Senegal at the beginning of July. Diambars, like Delta Cultura, is an organisation that uses football for social development and is member of streetfootballworld too. Mainly Florian Wegenstein, […]

Workshop about growing vegetables

Reasonable water usage in the field of agriculture (drip irrigation) and common plant and crop growing knowledge are the subjects of our workshop that last for several days and started yesterday. Financed by the ADF and taught by a member of the Capeverdean ministry for agriculture, 30 children and adolescents learn in theory and practice […]

Volunteers needed!

Are you a primary or middle school teacher and do you like to help the ones in need? On the next school year of 2011/2012, DCCV will start a tutoring project for several groups of 10 girls, with an age range from 8 to 16 years old. If you are a teacher and you would […]

Vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden project, financed through funds from ADF (African Development Foundation), has started. After we purchased all the necessary material in Praia our two football trainers have been converted for a short time to gardeners and fence constructors. First priority was the construction of the fence. All our previous attempts to grow vegetables failed […]