Lecture and discussion about early pregnancy

In the course of our cooperation with ICCA – Capeverdean institute for children and adolescents – a psychologist from this institute came to the center in order to talk about early pregnancy with the adolescents of our different programs. After a short powerpoint presentation there was a excited discussion. Some of the opinions of the […]

Creating a vegetable garden

Delta Cultura has received funding from the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION in order to create a green space that allows the youngsters of the association to develop skills related to the management and preservation of one of these spaces. Nowadays, DCCV is helping about 250 youngsters, who participate in all the activities promoted by the center, […]

The right to play

Last sunday our project The play, which was directed by thehumanrightsproject in cooperation with Delta Cultura Cabo Verde, had its highlight with the shooting of the large-scale photo of more than 250 children playing 86 different games.  In it we had children from our Child and Youth center, from the Football School Chao Bom and […]

Delta Cultura Germany

With great joy we are pleased to announce today that as of immediately there is a German association of Delta Cultura as registered association. The exact association name in Germany: Delta Cultura – association for intercultural communication e.V. – Delta Cultura – Verein für interkulturelle Kommunikation e.V. This is a further step for us, which […]