In Focus

For seven days M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) was the main issue in our Education Center. Not for the childre but for the staff members. For seven days we developed in various group work important issues like, what we exactly want to achieve with our work (theory of change), which short-term and long-term results we must […]

Soccer game boys against girls!

As our girls group already receive football training since a few weeks now, we organised the first game against the boys of the football school. The coaches Anna and Julia – who have received their training as football coaches at the Social Academy in Vienna – gave the girls a tactically excellent set up: as […]

Girls group improves

For more then 2 months now, our two interns are working together with us in the Education Center. They are mostly speciefied in tutoring the girls – and help them with their homework and studying. Scince they arrived they helped us to improve our work. With an eye on the deficits of the girls, and […]

Doctor at the Education Center

A doctor of the local hospital has agreed to visit our Education Center once a month to check the health situation of the boys and girls of the different programs. In early June, the first visit happened. The doctor found good approach to the children who at first  were a little bit respectfull and with […]

Workshop – What makes studing easier?

On the 29th and 31st of May, a pedagogue and a delegate from the Capeverdean Ministry of Education came to visit the boys and girls from our Education Center. They came to talk about studying in general. They featured different practices to improve the learning skills. A good time to do so as the school […]