Delta Cultura at Beyond Sport Summit in London

Thanks to an invitation from our partner streetfootballworld Florian has participated in the 3-day Beyond Sport Summit in London. This annual conference, hosts lectures, workshops and award ceremonies around the theme of sport for social development. We received the invitation because M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) was one of the themes of a workshop and Delta […]

Weekend camp at the Center

To terminate the schoolyear our girls group spent 3 days at the Center. 40 girls have played, ate, sang, danced, rehearsed a theater play and slept at the Center. For weeks the girls have been looking forward to this event and talked about it. And like the pictures show they were in no way disappointed. […]

Capacity building

Our two interns from the Social Academy of Vienna, Anna and Julia, are at the end of their 3-month stay in Tarrafal. We have taken the opportunity of their presence and asked them to organize a 2-day staff training. This has taken place this week and we have learned about the different learning styles, about […]