Girls group improves

For more then 2 months now, our two interns are working together with us in the Education Center. They are mostly speciefied in tutoring the girls – and help them with their homework and studying. Scince they arrived they helped us to improve our work. With an eye on the deficits of the girls, and […]

Doctor at the Education Center

A doctor of the local hospital has agreed to visit our Education Center once a month to check the health situation of the boys and girls of the different programs. In early June, the first visit happened. The doctor found good approach to the children who at first  were a little bit respectfull and with […]

Workshop – What makes studing easier?

On the 29th and 31st of May, a pedagogue and a delegate from the Capeverdean Ministry of Education came to visit the boys and girls from our Education Center. They came to talk about studying in general. They featured different practices to improve the learning skills. A good time to do so as the school […]


Since a week and for the next four months Julia Wild and Anna Schrammel – two Social Academy graduates from Vienna – are here in Tarrafal with us to learn, paint and play with the boys and girls of the Education Center. A good time to do so as the school year is approaching its […]

Workshop on violence

Together with the Children’s Center Picos, which is run by the Cape Verdean Institute for Children and Adolescents (ICCA), Delta Cultura is organising a workshop on violence. 40 boys aged 12 to 16 years are spending 4 days at the Education Center of Delta Cultura and are dealing the issue of violence in a variety […]

Printing workshop completed

The two-week linocut and printing workshop was completed successfully. Even when working with the color plates (monotype) still causes some confusion at the workshop participants and linocut printing as an art form is still something strange for them, the two weeks with Kurt and Marietta Zein were creative and informative for everybody involved. Kurt Zein […]

Delta Cultura submits report to UN

For this post a few explanations and background informations are required: IHRLS: International Human Rights Society, headquartered at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. This university has a special program to the International Human Rights (PIHRL) and a Comitee that is working on a so-called Shadow Report on Human Rights in Cape Verde. ICCPR: […]

Printing workshop at the Education Centre

As part of our series of artistic workshops there is currently a linocut course happening at our Center. Instructor for this workshop is the well known and world famous austrian art-printer Kurt Zein. 10 young people have the honor and pleasure of getting an insight into the world of linocut and relief printing. The first […]

Oberland United – Delta Cultura

Next big event in the course of our cooperation with Oberland United. After the charity event in September 2011, organised by the Round Table 10 together with FC Thun (= Oberland United), Wolfgang Unger – responsible of the training concept FC Thun makes school – came personally to Tarrafal to deliver the revenues of this […]