Field Trip to the Municipality of Tarrafal

The Municipality of Tarrafal opens it doors once again on December 11th, to receive children and youths of Delta Cultura Educational Centre. This time the visit to the Municipality falls within the defined program of Centre, which goes towards providing these participants the opportunity to know from the inside, the local and national institutions, to […]

Football3 Tournament at Delta Cultura Educational Centre

Based on the plan of the educational programs of the Delta Cultura Educational Centre, the Center held a Football3 Tournament, which began on Thursday, 09/30/2014, and ended on Thursday, 27/11/2014, marked by two classic finals in both the morning and afternoon period. Football3 is about promoting the fair-play spirit as the most important element in a […]


World Champion 2014

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is the new champion of the Football For Hope Festival that took place in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. The new champions won at the final the French team “Sport Dans La Ville” for 1-0. The winning goal was scored by Danilson Cardoso as known as “Da” among the friends. […]

Delta Cultura at the semi-final in Brazil

After being selected as one of 32 delegations from around the world who are currently present in the 2014 Football For Hope Festival in Brazil, the delegation of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) is playing the semi-final of the festival football tournament. After wining 6 matches and lose 1, tfhe DCCV delegation is in a […]

Camping 2014

Is almost everything already in place to the camp that is held every year at Delta Cultura Educacional Centre (DCEC) for children and youths who attend the DCEC. The event will take place on 18 to 20 of July 2014 and is expected about 300 participants, counting the 220 participants of the centre, 7 monitors, […]

Delta Cultura with the Tarrafal Mayor

The Delegation of  Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) which is going to Brazil to participate in the 2014 Football For Hope Festival, was received by the mayor of Tarrafal, Mr. Jose Pedro Nunes Soares and also by the city councilman responsible for cooperation, tourism and promotion of the city hall Mr. Jose Manuel Soares. During […]

Delta Cultura departure to Brazil

The long awaited departure of the Delta Cultura Cabo Verde delegation to the world cup in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, to participate in the 2014 Football For Hope Festival has came this Sunday the 29 of June 2014. The excitement for the festival has rapidly increased and the community Caju is looking forward to […]

Monthly Games – Final

The second edition of the monthly games organized by football school from north of  Santiago Island came to the end. The event consisted of performing football matches between under 9, 11 and 13 ages in order to provide children and youths of this football school a routine of football matches every months. The games started […]

Basic Digital Education

Last week a total of 76 children in the Education Centre Delta Cultura of both sexes finished the basic course of basic informatics given in the centre by the IT monitor Edna Suzeth Gonçalves. The second course was finished with the children from primary school that study second grade until fifth grade. The course referred […]