Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) has received a number of materials from our dear and beloved artist from Tarrafal, known by her friends as Leny de Milha, who won in 2012 the annual music festival of Seven Suns Seven Moons on Fogo Island. The materials received are sets of school subjects as rulers, squares, cardboard, […]

Discovering Talents

Nelson Emiliano dos Santos Silva, best known as “Michel” is a young boy of his 15 years old, studying in Tarrafal High School from 9th grade anda t Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC). Michel seems to have already discovered his talento for drawing at a young age. Apart from being one of 224 active participants […]

Meeting With Parents/Guardians

After bringing parents/guardians to the Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) for the partcipants registration process for the current school year, this time, we decided to bring the parents again in a meeting in which we took the opportunity to get to know the parents personally, listen to their concerns, make an analysis of the participants […]

Medical Consultation

Following the cooperation agreement signed between Tarrafal Health Centre (THC) and Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) few months ago, the Health Centre made their first medical consultation on January 16th of 2014 with the participants of DCEC. The consultation had as a goal to diagnose some children who have health problems and also take a […]