Different but not Indifferent

Thus, following this slogan that says almost everything, children and youth from Delta Cultura Educational Center embraced the idea of visiting children and youth with Special Educational Needs (SEN) of Tarrafal who make part of the project “Different But Not Indifferent“. As sort of a retribution visit that these children and youth always make to […]

The Heroes

Ivanilda Socorro Rodrigues dos Santos, best known among colleagues as “Vadinha” is a young participant of the Delta Cultura Educational Center that embraced along with a group of students of the 11th grade of Science and Technology Area of the high school of Tarrafal , to perform a very motivating task, about the issue of […]

Delta Park

Delta Park is the latest news of the Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) and it is already being built at Delta Cultura Educational Centre  (DCEC) in Achada Tomás – Tarrafal. The park is all built by reused tires and occupies the all the playground area of DCEC. With the establishment of this park, the centre will be equipped with more playful spaces in order […]