Workshop on World Traditional Music and Dances

Delta Cultura Educational Center  held last April 19th a Workshop on  World Traditional Music and Dances in cooperation with a teacher Ana Silvestre . The workshop was attended by 40 children between 20 boys and 20 girls. The aim was to give children the opportunity to meet the diverse musical manifestations that exist around the world, including […]

Easter holidays’ Activites

Delta Cultura Educational Center held during the Easter holidays, educational and sports activities with the engagement of children and youth from the community of Tarrafal. The aim of Delta Cultura was offering these children and young people a range of educational and sports activities to entertain them during this vacation that often goes by unnoticed or […]

Football3 Tournament

Within the plan of activities for the Easter holidays, Delta Cultura Educational Center held from 1th to 8th of April a Football3 Tournament, with the participation of young people from the community of Tarrafal that are out of the Delta Culture programs. The tournament was attended by 10 registered teams, and each team composed by 3 boys […]

Wall-painting of “Pousada” at Tarrafal

Inserted in the Easter holidays activities plan, and from the Art Classes program, Delta Cultura Educational Center  held from 4th to 11th of  April a Wall-painting at “Pousada” in Tarrafal. From the fact that that wall is in a degraded situation, Delta Cultura had the idea to rehabilitate this space, painting and customizing this wall with pictures of […]

Word Puzzle Contest

Based on the activities plan of the Easter holiday, Delta Cultura Educational Center held from 4th to 8th of April a Word Puzzle Contest. The contest was attended by 15 registered participants, between boys and girls of different age groups. Thus, they were divided into two groups, one group composed of children from 2nd to 5th grade and the other group […]

Football Tournament for Children

Inserted in the activity plan for the Easter holidays, Delta Cultura Educational Center held from 4th to 8th of April a Football Tournament for Children. The tournament was attended by 8 mixed teams, each team was made up of children from 1st to 5th grade, and coordinated by a monitor of the Center. The teams played […]

The Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee was held from 4th to 8th of April inserted in the special activities of the Easter Holiday. In 5 days, 36 participants showed their skills in spelling words in Portuguese, playoffs after playoffs. The difficulty was increased to the high end and the kids won with distinction … we can even say that […]

Football3 Workshop

During the Eater holiday, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) was seen in the need to carry out some activities in the Delta Cultura Educational Center (DCEC) to provide children and young people across the community of Tarrafal, the opportunity to feel involved in something that brings them joy, health, welfare and more. Thus, it was created a range […]

Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello, After being invited to take part in the streetfootballworld festival 2016 in the heart of Lyon (France) that will be hosted by Sports dans La Ville from June 28 until July 7, Delta Cultura created a crowdfunding project to raise 5000 Euros for 6 plane tickets to take the capeverdean delegation to Lyon to […]