2017 FFHaEP Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa

As in previous years, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) participates in the 2017 Football for Hope Adidas Exchange Program Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa, represented by its Program Coordinator Gilson da Costa. The event runs from November 20th to 24th, with around 17 organizations from streetfootballworld network (sfw) on the African continent, that use football as a tool for social development plus some organizations that act as facilitators. For this year the workshop focuses on a few sessions such as: Social enterprise, leadership change and more. The event is also attended by notable global sponsors, as FIFA and streetfootballworld (sfw). At the end of the workshop participants will need to be able to review the principles of social enterprise, both individually and at the organizational level, to share challenges on the transition from donors dependency to income generation and to explore the funders’ journey, clearly identify customers and beneficiaries of income-generation projects, develop a well-focused one-page business plan that clearly outlines the next steps. Check out the gallery of the images of the workshop.

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