A Big Group of Portuguese Volunteers at Delta Cultura

IMG_0447In the framework of cooperation between Delta Cultura and the digital platform for volunteers Para Onde?, Delta Cultura Educational Center received more volunteers who have been providing voluntary service in Delta Cultura Educational Center.

In this large group of volunteers, we have a “home girl”, Alexandra Coelho, considered one of the “Pioneers” from this cooperation project. Alexandra, who to be reminded that had already been in the Delta Cultura, came again to the Delta Cultura for a period of 3 months and see now finished his period of service with the promise to return again  very soon.

Also, is this group were Marta Couto and Pedro Pereira. A couple with great passion and affection for the children. Both were for a period of one month in the center, providing school support to children and giving lectures with the same. Recall that Pedro held a Lecture on Communication Skills in PowerPoint in Tarrafal Secondary School with students of the same. While Marta, in turn, held a Lecture on Critical Thinking at the Educational Center with the children participants of the same programs.

Part of this group also was Rute Galinha, Manuel Clemente, Lúcia Santos and Andreia Novais. They were the last volunteers to arrive at Delta Cultura providing their school support to children on a daily basis. However, to be noted that for the duration of the mission each one had its time period defined, depending on their availability in accordance to the other commitments. Of that group, Lúcia and Rute have already fulfilled their service times, leaving the children in tears. As for Andreia she is still enjoying the experience, missing a few days to consolidate the same. Manuel, this will be staying longer, since it came for a period of three months and so he will have more time to learn more with each child and vice versa, and also know the community, the island and the country accordingly.

Yet also to mention João Queirós, a friend of Alexandra, who was at the center for a week  to help children with homework and other tasks. A week that was filled with many games and interaction with children.

Note that all of them brought great joy to the daily routine of the children, as it can be seen in the huge smiles they show when they are close to these volunteers. So Delta Cultura just have to thank these wonderful people who left their country to help us without any monetary reward but the great humanitarian value that this gesture is contributing to a better world. Also to thank the platform Para Onde?, in particular to Inês, for the great work that she has been doing in the promotion of our work.

Praised be our volunteers!

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