Cleaning Campaign at the Beaches of Tarrafal

jpg_limpeza-da-praiaOne week, two days of cleaning, this is the contribution that children and youth of the Delta Cultura Education  Center, along with the monitors and some swimmers found to show their gratitude to our beautiful beach. Cleaning of the two beaches that make up the bay of Tarrafal, one in the afternoon period (October 10th) and the other in morning period (October 14th) in order to involve children and youth who attend the center in these two periods. It was noted that the beaches have lots pf trash, mainly plastic and glass. Just to get an idea of ​​the problem caused by these wastes, a plastic cup needs 50 years to decompose, a condom 300 years, while the glass takes 4000 years to be completely destroyed, not to mention others left in the open and without collection. For about 45 minutes on the beach, they saw two containers which belongs to the touristic accommodation “Baia Verde”, private property, and lots of trash nearby “Djeu”. It is hoped that with the acquisition of the new garbage collecting truck, the Municipality of Tarrafal (CMT), the entity responsible for the collection and processing of waste in the city, will be more effective treating this issue that surely grieves all citizens. We all contribute that our beaches have a healthy life as we wish us and our children and family.

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