Agroforestry and living fence project at Delta Cultura Center

Change the World, Plant a Tree!

The Delta Cultura Education Center, aiming to contribute to the protection of the environment, started in May 2020 the Agroforestry Project in cooperation with the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung Foundation. The Agroforestry project aims to: Green spaces creation Helping the most deprived families in the community Self-support of the NGO, through the commercialization of the products produced. Therefore, in the middle of May 2020, work began on the reuse of the water  system and the improvement of the water use system, namely grey-water and rainwater, where the installation had to be carried out of pipes to drain water from the soil of the Center’s houses and transport them to a tank. simultaneously, the construction of the hedge began, where the pillars of the door were built and continued to install a temporary fence to protect the plants while they are still small.  The Living Fence is a project that started together with AgroForestry to surround the entire Center with plants. In November 2020, the first seedlings were transplanted for the construction of Cerca Viva, namely Crown of Thorn Simbrom (plant species typically from Cape Verde) Bougainvillea. At the moment we are in the process of transplanting the fruit trees of the species: Coconuts Papaya Pinhão (typical fruit of Cape Verde) Date Among other species. So far, more than 200 species of plants have been transplanted between ornamental and fruit trees, with the Living Fence Project being more than 30% (thirty per cent) completed and the AgroForestry Project 25% (twenty-five per cent) completed. The AgroForestry Project still has a lot to do, because together with the fruit trees, we must now start the creation of a permaculture garden.

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