Batuco Festival 2019

Fifteen groups from various locations on the island of Santiago took the stage, next to the Craft Market of Tarrafal, to show their talents, last Sunday, January 6th. The day was very attractive with various street activities that preceded the town festival, Santo Amaro day, to be celebrated on the 15th. Therefore, there were many […]

Delta na Zona

Regarding the activities planned for October, the month focused on poverty eradication, Delta Cultura Education Center conducted the first community intervention at a community ??? by poverty. Delta Cultura will do community interventions in a monthly basis focusing each month on a specific topic that will be addressed during that month in a series of […]

Zumba Workshop

During the afternoon of Tuesday, 19th, about 20 participants, including children and youth, volunteers from the center and more, participated in a zumba workshop at the Delta Cultura Education Center. But what is Zumba? Zumba is a fitness program inspired by several songs of the world that is being implemented in several countries of the […]

Interviews during the visit of Alexander Esswein

Alexander Esswein, footballplayer from Hertha BSC Berlin and member of Common Goal visited Delta Cultura in Tarrafal. During his stay several interviews were conducted. You can find them below! Alexander Esswein interviews Gilson da Costa (Program Coordinator Delta Cultura Cabo Verde): Florian Wegenstein interviews Alexander Esswein: Florian Wegenstein interviews Renate Esswein (mother of Alexander Esswein):

XIV Childish Games

The Delta Cultura Kindergarten participated at “XIV Childish Games” with the following motto: “promote values for an inclusive and active citizenship”. This event for all kindergartens of Tarrafal aims to promote the interchange between children of preschool and it took place at the sporty pavilion in the city, in two different phases. There were a lot […]

Liga Play Tarrafal

Delta Cultura Footall School participates in the 1st Edition of the Liga Play Tarrafal with under 11, under 13 and under 15. The competition will have the participation of 20 teams by these three (3) football ranks and will be played in the system of two phases, being the first phase in the model all against […]

Yoga Workshop

Last thursday, February 22nd 2018, Delta Cultura Education Center organized a yoga workshop, with about more than two dozen children who are part of the programs. Thanks to a Portuguese yoga teacher, Carolina Lino, these children had their first contact with this technique, which appeared many years ago, in the Asian continent, near the northwest […]