Awards of the Year

The beginning of the new school year brings many new features at Delta Cultura Cape Verde, from new students who are admitted to the center of education, will be distributing school supplies and finally the awards to students who excelled in the center more on the year that was for behind.

Delta Cultura President, Mrs. Miliana Moreno at the awards sessions.

The event takes place at Tarrafal Education Centre in which is managed by the association and has almost all who are part of the delta family today, but without forgetting who passed many years during their study at the association. The winners receive various gifts of the association, but it certainly makes more satisfied awardees will certainly sweatshirts soccer players with international renown, like Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Totti, among others. Note that premiums are therefore a great incentive to further highlighted that the level of all results, whether academic, sporting or behavioral, but not dismissing the importance of the results achieved less. We believe that all are to be congratulated, whatever the results, and we will continue on this path, to help in everything possible, these children and young people who want to achieve a better future.

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