Basic Digital Education

Educação-DigitalLast week a total of 76 children in the Education Centre Delta Cultura of both sexes finished the basic course of basic informatics given in the centre by the IT monitor Edna Suzeth Gonçalves.

The second course was finished with the children from primary school that study second grade until fifth grade.

The course referred to the use of technological and educational means to prepare the individual for the society of informatics.

This is a course that has, among many goals, to provide social inclusion of people in the digital world, ensuring sociability, culture and learning about the characteristics  of a society where informatics is  a valuable asset and source of wealth.

Digital Education should not be confused with “Computer Education”, while this is focused on the pure teaching of the use of IT in day-to-day life, our education is concerned with forming conscious citizens of the characteristics of online life, its risks, details, rights and obligations.

Among the lessons members of digital education, are in exemplary manner:

  1. Ethics and discipline;
  2. Proper use of the Internet;
  3. Information Security;
  4. Privacy;
  5. Digital Citizenship.

The end of the course has led to a total of 152 trained participants divided into two sessions.

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