Batukinhas at Santo Amaro’s party

Batuquinhas Fidjus di Delta is one of the groups that were invited for the second night of the Festival Santo Amaro Abade, which happened this Saturday, 15th. It was also the premiere of the children’s group in this annual party of the municipality. Batukinhas Fidjus di Delta interprets this invitation as an opportunity to show the work that has been done in order to guarantee the vitality and continuity of batuco. The group was created in 2006 in Covão Sanches, and it’s integrated by 20 girls from 6 to 14 years old. “Batukinhas fidjus di delta emerged by its own and follows the steps of our first batuco group” explains the spokesperson of the organization Delta Cultura, Marisa Cabral. “The adult’s rehearsals were always watched by a lot of young girls that wanted to play the drums, dance and sing with us.” Remembers Marisa. The also co-founder of the group Batukadeiras Delta Cultura watched the birth of the batukinhas and has followed their growth ever since. “it was during the birthday party of our group, on the 26th of February of 2006, that the little ones had their first big show.” And in almost five years of existence, Batukinhas Fidjus di Delta has already shown its will to keep one of the oldest cultural manifestations of the archipelago, and particularly of the island of Santiago, alive. The girl’s efforts were crowned in April of 2010, with the launch on the market of their first CD/DVD, “Kriánsa Unidu”. The album has ten songs, all of them created originally by Marisa, and it’s available in stores all over the country.

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