Camp “Our Youths, Our Children, Our Hope” at Delta Cultura Educational Centre on 25th, 26th, and 27th of July

The Delta Cultura Educational Center will hold in the next three days, 25th, 26th, 27th of July a camp with youths and DSC02997children from Tarrafal in the Centre in Achada Tomás. The camp will count with a total of 200 children and teenagers, 7 monitors, and some volunteers from Delta Cultura that will help the organization. Programs: Thursday, July 25th 15:00: Arrival 15:30: Camp Opening “Our Youths, Our Children and Our Hope” 16:00: Distribution of groups to monitor 16:30: Presentation of camp rules. 17:00: Diverse Games 20:00: Dinner 21:00: Evening Xintada 23:00: Sleep Time Friday, July 26th 06:00: Morning 08:00: Breakfast 09:00: Workshop on Clays with questions and answers about Delta Culture and rewards 11:00: Reading box of friendship 13:00: Lunch 14:00: Lecture on AIDS (Adilson) 15:30 Soccer Tournaments (between groups) 20:00: Dinner 22:00: Friendship Bonfire 23:30: Sleep Time Saturday, July 27th 06:00:  Go to the beach 08.00 Planting trees in around the Centre 08:30: Breakfast 10:00: Awards Ceremony for the best students in all activities at the Centre 13:00: Lunch 15:00: Closing Special Thanks: Delegation of Ministry of Education and Sports of Tarrafal, MDR do Tarrafal, Já de Linda, Dany Orbitour, Patas, Inacio serviso de Água, Filomena , Rosaria , João de Serra, Zilena Ponta lagoa, Casa Djana Colhebichu, Ana e Nela Txam di capela, Tata Market, Bern colonato ,Afonso Colonato, Tom. Citzens of: Achada Tomás, Monteria, Ponta Gato,Covão Sanches,Mangue e Achada Baixu.

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