Capeverdean Gastronomy

In a company of about hundred of children and youths aged between 6 and 27 years old, the Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) promoted a gastronomy dedicated of our country.

DSC00238The event started around 12:00 local time and it had plates of everything, such as rice, cachupa, corn starch, corn biscuits and wheat flour, stew, camoca, cuscus with milk and a wide variety of juices without counting the many sweets that graced the tables.

But before it started, it was conducted a series of activities including, various games, racing games and much more among the participants.

During the gastronomic lunch, it could be witnessed a very interesting and contagious moment, because there could be reminded some good typical old ways of the Cape Verdeans, where neighbors exchanged plates between them, where the friendship reigned, an act that has fallen apart nowadays or have been replaced by other modes.

In the end, everyone was happy, as usual, asking that this type of events should be conducted more often.

Take a look at some photos from the event.

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