Capoeira Workshop

Delta Cultura Educational Center held last  April 26th, 2016, a Workshop on Capoeira in partnership with the local Capoeira teacher from Abada Capoeira Group, Carlos Manuel, best known for James. The workshop was attended by 80 children and youth, between boys and girls, from Delta Cultura Educational Center, . The aim of the workshop was to disclose some of this modality that often goes by unnoticed within the child layer as a sport, as a very connected art also as a cultural manifestation. The Abada Capoeira group is promoting this art for decades, and these groups representatives in virtually every country in the world, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries. The community of Tarrafal is one of those places where there is Abada Capoeira group, in this case represented by its coordinator James. With regard to the workshop itself, this was very beneficial for children as they have come to know more about the world of capoeira, learning the basic techniques accompanied by their majestic movements. Also, one can notice the great happiness in children’s face to be part of this workshop. The fun was primarily a key element on the workshop . Check out the photos of the workshop.

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