Agroforestry and living fence project at Delta Cultura Center

Change the World, Plant a Tree! The Delta Cultura Education Center, aiming to contribute to the protection of the environment, started in May 2020 the Agroforestry Project in cooperation with the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung Foundation. The Agroforestry project aims to: Green spaces creation Helping the most deprived families in the community Self-support of the NGO, through […]

Christmas Holiday Camp 2019

Delta Cultura Education Center organized once again the Christmas Holiday Camp filled with lots of different activities and events. The camp started on December 23rd and it ended on January 3rd, 2020, taking place mostly at the Center itself. As in the previous years, the camp was highlighted by the Olympic tournament in which six mixed […]

U-20 Football Tournament

Delta Cultura organizes a U20 football tournament in honor of its player Damas. The tournament has four teams from Tarrafal, Varandinha, Chão Bom Football School Association (AEFCB), Estrela Amadores Clube Desportivo and of course Delta Cultura. The matches started today at Tarrafal Municipal Stadium with the following results. Delta Cultura vs Estrela Amadores Clube Desportivo (1-2) AEFCB […]

Summer Holiday Camp 2019

From July 1st to 31st of this month, children and young people from the Delta Cultura Education Center, among other children and youth from Tarrafal City, participate in the 2019 holiday camp organized by Delta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV). The event usually takes place at its center located in Achada Tomás – Tarrafal de Santiago, […]

Special Children’s Day

In celebration of Children’s Day, June 1st, Delta Cultura Education Center and Graciosa Municipal Care Center provided the children with a very special and different day, full of games, music and fun. Delta Cultura has been supporting the center’s children and young people to live together and embrace differences/diversity. As the philosopher Plato said, “Education […]

Workshop about Disabilities

Delta Cultura Education Center and the Graciosa Municipal Care Center organized a workshop on “disability” on the 29th of this month, which was the result of a previous visit by Delta Cultura’s participants to the Graciosa Municipal Care Center. The workshop aimed to explain to children the meaning of the word “disabled” or better, what […]

Service Learning Program with JHU Students

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde has received students from Johns Hopkins University for the Service Learning & Luso-African Society program, , at Delta Cultura Educational Center in Tarrafal, Santiago – Cabo Verde. The program is happening from run till  from January 6th to 25th This intersession program offers JHU students the opportunity to conduct service learning at Delta Cultura Education […]

Batuco Festival 2019

Fifteen groups from various locations on the island of Santiago took the stage, next to the Craft Market of Tarrafal, to show their talents, last Sunday, January 6th. The day was very attractive with various street activities that preceded the town festival, Santo Amaro day, to be celebrated on the 15th. Therefore, there were many […]