Masks Contest

As we are approaching the Carnaval festivities, Delta Cultura Education Center has organized a Masks Contest for children. The contest was organized by the volunteers in the art room and had as main objective boosting and promoting children’s artistic potential and of course offer lots of fun as well. The children had two days, February 5th and 6th  to prepare the masks and on the 7th and 8th the contests took place. The contests were held in the morning, on the 7th  for children attending the Center in the morning, and in the afternoon, on the 8th. The children developed several different masks, each using their creativity and skill to craft the most peculiar and symbolic imitations. Each child had the opportunity to display and present their masks and be evaluated by the judges. However, all participants were awarded a prize for participation and the winners were offered an art kit. In the end everyone was satisfied with the contest, since the main objective was not to choose the most beautiful mask, but to value the creativity and artistic skills developed by each child that was part of the contest.

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