Constructing the Tarrafal Football For Hope centre!

As a result of the official 2010 World Cup legacy Campaign, Delta Cultura is soon to be the host centre of one of the “20 Centres for Africa”. After a period of give or take 106 construction days, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde will open the doors to Football For Hope Centre #16, the Tarrafal Football For Hope Centre. Delta Cultura is the recipient of this FIFA initiative, that counts as partners Streetfootballworld (implementors), Architecture for Humanity (centre design), and as donors Greenfields (pitch) and Yingli Solar (pitch solar lighting). When construction is completed the centre will be approximately 180m2 and will have a 20×40 meter artificial surface football pitch. The new centre is constructed with the same local stone as used for the already existing buildings in order to create unison. The centre will consist out of a computer room including library and an event room that can be divided into three smaller rooms. The event room is focused on providing space for events such as meetings, workshops, and seminars amongst others and will also satisfy the need for smaller spaces focused on tutoring or study groups.  The Centre holds a great connectivity with the outside, to have simultaneous indoor-outdoor usage. The design of Football for Hope Centre #16 is slightly different from the other 19 centres. In contrary to the usual design where the connectivity of the centre and pitch is mostly side by side, the Tarrafal Football for Hope Centre contains of two elements of connectivity, a wall and a shading element. According to Ana Ramos, design fellow Architecture for Humanity, #16 might be the pitch with the best view of all 20 centres! As of now construction has made a significant progress, and it is great to see how every week the process of construction is visible from the existing centre. The Tarrafal Football For Hope Centre is expected to be completed (practical completion) by the end of April. To officially celebrate the opening of the centre Delta Cultura will be hosting an opening ceremony at the new centre. More information on the centre opening will follow soon! What does the realisation of the Tarrafal Football for Hope Centre mean for Delta Cultura and the community of Tarrafal? Well, the centre is built to help Delta Cultura continue in the process of achieving social change through football. In the centre Delta Cultura will be able to continue to host community programs to promote the health and education of the youth of Tarrafal. P1220221P1240734 P1250107P1250583 P1250970P1250972

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