Daily coach-backs – FUN for children and invaluable feedback for coaches

Last week Friday we started to implement in our daily sessions coach-backs where the coaches that participate in the Coaches Across Continents training do have the chance to practice what they have learned. The children that are at Delta Cultura can enjoy an hour session with the coaches each day. A different group conducts every day the training and the children are really enjoying it (as you can see it on the pictures).

The coaches have learned a lot about Gender Equity, Conflict Resolution, Life Skills, Health & Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Abuse and most important how to combine Fun and Learning on the football pitch. Today we focused on Children’s Rights. We learned how we can teach children on the football pitch about their rights and afterwards we discussed how we can work together as coaches and citizens in protecting them from violations against their rights in our community.

We’re looking forward to the last three days of the training to gain more knowledge and skills how to use football for social impact.

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