Delta Cultura at streefootballworld Festival in Lyon France 2016

festival-logoDelta Cultura Cabo Verde (DCCV) which was selected to participate in the festival streetfootballworld (sfw) Festival in Lyon, France in the year 2016 has selected its delegation.

The streetfootballworld festival in 2016 is one of the biggest festivals using the “football for social change” and is an official event of the European Football Championship “EURO 2016”.

The festival will bring together more than 100 teams of young people together, composed of more than 600 young people from disadvantaged communities around the world, chosen not for their football skills but for their commitment to making a better world using the power of football.

The festival will include:

An exciting street football tournament, open to the public and using the rules of futebol3 to promote tolerance and youth leadership;

An educational and cultural exchange program for participants from around the world.

The festival will be held in the heart of Lyon_França on the campus of host organization Sport dans la Ville from 28th June to 7th July 2016 (during the week of the finals of the EURO 2016)

It is organized by streetfootballworld and Sport dans la Ville, the event will bring together more than 100 members of the streetfootballworld network that use football for social change around the world, along with local and international fans, journalists and sports world guests, policy and business.

The streetfootballworld festival is to celebrate and promote the power of football for social change in a highly visible stage and that has positively impact the lives of young participants from all over the world through a unique and unforgettable event.

The DCCV delegation is composed by the following participants:

Samir Amir Sanches Furtado Monteiro ………….Delegation Leader

Suzete Edna Gonçalves Tavares ……………………Young Leader

Bruno Miguel Mendes Correia ……………………..Player

Nilson Mendes Tavares Gomes ……………………Player

Carina Jesus Mendes de Pina …………………..Player

Ivanilda Socorro Rodrigues dos Santos ………Player

In this sense, DCCV being the representative of Cape Verde and Tarrafal, in particular, we expect to have all your support to better represent our culture, and our community.

Reminding that Delta Cultura is the winner of the last Football for Hope Festival 2014, held in Brazil during the World Cup in 2014.

See below the participants who will represent Cape Verde on behalf of Delta Cultura.

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