Delta Cultura Cabo Verde Delegation for the FFH Festival 2014 in Brasil

The selection process was very insightful and it involved an application of 19 participantselesons of the Delta Cultura Educational Centre. After analysing these applications according to the criteria the Organising Committee defined, 9 potential candidates were selected. After an interview with these nine applicants the actual six (3 girls and 3 boys) who will go to the Festival were selected. Below are the names of the 6 selected candidates:
  • Aleida Lopes Borges “Suila”
  • Geisa Augusta Furtado da Silva “Geisa”
  • Ruana Benilde Lopes Fernandes “Ruana”
  • Elton Djony Tavares Sanches “Elton”
  • Edmilson Patrick Lopes Ferreira “Mitxa”
  • Danilson Cardoso Lopes “Dá”
Important to mention that these 6 selected candidates are those that showed more knowledge about Delta Cultura, Tarrafal and Cape Verde. Three people from Delta Cultura Cabo Verde will accompany these 6 youths. The elements are:
  • Gilson da Costa,
  • Fernando Tavares,
  • Jassica Fernandes,
So this delegation of nine members will represent Delta Cultura, Tarrafal and Cape Verde at the 2014 Football for Hope Festival. The Festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will be held during the climax of the FIFA World Cup Brazil ™ 2014 in Rio de Janeiro (3-10 July). It will be a landmark event for the Football for Hope and community development through football. The Festival will have a special focus on the host country, in terms of participants and programs, complemented by great cultural diversity of organizations worldwide.

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