Delta Cultura Cabo Verde at the Football for Hope Festival 2014

Following the qualification process for the Football for Hope Festival 2014 in Brazil, which resulted in over 90world-cup-2014-brazil-logo-wallpaper applications from all over the world, we are delighted to confirm the qualification of Delta Cultura Cabo Verde for the Festival!

The FFH Festival 2014 will take place in the “cidade maravilhosa” (marvellous city) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it will be held during the climax of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ in Rio de Janeiro (3 to 10 July). It will be a milestone event for Football for Hope and the entire Development through Football community. The Festival will have a special focus on the host country, in terms of participants and programme, complemented by the cultural diversity of organisations from all over the world.

The foundations for FFH Festival 2014 were laid during the 2006 FIFA World Cup GermanyTM, when 24 teams representing organisations from around the world travelled to Berlin to take part in the streetfootballworld festival 06. In 2010 in South Africa, the festival was for the first time an oficial evento of the FIFA World CupTM and brought together 32 teams for two weeks of celebration, Exchange, football and fun. Both festivals had one thing in common – they were more than just a football tournament. Cultural dialogue, knowledge Exchange and exciting fair-play tournaments played by mixed-gender teams were at the heart of the events. The FFH Festival 2014 will draw on the sucess and learnings of these past festivals and will once more bring together 32 teams from across the globe for a very special event.

The first four days of the FFH Festival 2014 will be all about intercultural integration, getting to know each other, learning and have fun. Delegation leaders will get the opportunity to learn form each other, share best practices and showcase their work. The highlight of the event will be the fair-play tournament on the last four days, played according to special rules, without referees and dialogue instead of a whistle.

Thus, as a representative of the community of Tarrafal as well as Cape Verde, Delta Cultura Cabo Verde is excited about the prospect of giving his contribution with his delegation at the Festival in order to expand our rich culture to a broader environment.

A delegation from Delta Cultura Cape Verde will be represented by nine (9) elements, of which six (6) will be children of the Delta Cultura Educational Centre aged from 15-18 years old. These children will still be accompanied by three (3) coordinators of the Delta Cultura Educational Centre that will also be part of this selection.

In the coming months, Delta Cultura will do the selection of the nine elements that will be part of our delegation at the Football for Hope Festival 2014.

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