Delta Cultura Cabo Verde: Response to COVID-19 in the Municipality of Tarrafal, Santiago

With the current world crisis (CORONAVIRUS pandemic) the country was forced to take measures quickly to contain the spread of the virus and consequently prevent large numbers of deaths. In this way, the Government of Cape Verde initiated the mandatory lockdown which surprised many families. The lockdown started in the middle of March and lasted until the end of May. Tarrafal Municipality, like many other locations on Santiago Island, has countless single-parent families who make a living through selling, fishing, providing domestic services, among others, which has become difficult with the mandatory lockdown. Delta Cultura Cabo Verde started planning the best strategy to help and/or support families that faced/face greater difficulties in meeting basic needs, namely food. This support was given through the distribution of Food supplies, community protective masks, the sharing on social media of useful information on handwashing, social distance, among others. With the distribution of the food supplies, it was possible to support more than 100 families in Tarrafal. However, at a time when everyone needs some help, how to know which ones would need more? That’s how Delta Cultura’s staff started gathering names and information about the neediest families in Tarrafal, starting with the families of the children who attend Delta Cultura programs and then go to families that we would need more information about their situations. The food supplies were delivered to the homes of each of the chosen beneficiaries, taking all the preventive measures announced by the health authorities. During the delivery of community masks, a total of 600 masks were delivered to different locations in Tarrafal. Not only were the masks delivered, but this moment was also used to raise awareness among the population about the importance of using them, as well as to instruct them about the correct way to use them. During the delivery of the masks, a distance measure was taken, through the use of cones by 1.5-2 meters apart from each other to avoid crowding and contact between the beneficiaries, as well as other prevention measures announced by the health authorities. The locations covered by the distribution of food supplies and protective masks were, Achada Moirão, Achada Biscainho, Trás dos Montes, Ponta Furna, Ponta Lubron, Chão Bom, Riba Strada, Cutelo, Achada Tomas, Colhe Bicho, Ponta de Gato, Monte Iria, Cascas, among others. In an attempt to reach the most vulnerable families, an attempt was made not only to focus on localities near the centre of the city but also in the interior, where aid arrives with more difficulties.

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