Delta Cultura Football School umbeatable

Delta Cultura Football School gives a lesson of football in a tournament organized by ADEC – Association of Sport Education and Culture of Calheta.

The Delta Cultura Football School once again participated in another tournament, this time organized by ADEC – Association of Sport Education and Culture in Calheta town of Calheta, won the two titles that were in dispute in the ranks of Under 10 and Under 12 respectively.

The tournament took place on Sunday, September 23 at Calheta Municipal Stadium with participation of four teams in each age, three of Calheta, ADEC, Esperança (Hope) and Wildcates, more Delta Cultura Football School from Tarrafal.

At the final of under 10 match, after a draw in 90 minutes, Delta Cultura Football School won in penalties 3 – 2 Esperança (Hope) team  and in under 12 cathegory Delta Cultura also won once again in penalties 2 – 1 Esperança (Hope) team too, after a draw in 90 minutes.

At the end was huge satisfaction of the good organization and discipline that noted among the participating teams.

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