Delta na Zona

Regarding the activities planned for October, the month focused on poverty eradication, Delta Cultura Education Center conducted the first community intervention at a community ??? by poverty. Delta Cultura will do community interventions in a monthly basis focusing each month on a specific topic that will be addressed during that month in a series of different activities. This time, the community intervention was in the community called “Cascas”, known for its poverty and the results were very positive. Children, families and gathered around as we showed to them through pictures and videos all the activities that their children took part in during October. Also we talked to them about Delta’s vision in eradicating poverty through education as well as how poverty is a big reality that needs to be changed in Cape Verde. Also they had the opportunity see and even take part of a Batuco performance done by Delta Cultura Batuco group which brough life, happiness and joy among everyone who was present. Also by the end people had the opportunity to take some gifts home as we did a quiz game in which all the ones who answered correctly to the question received a gift. So Delta Cultura will continue doing community interventions and it is an effective way of being close by the parents who are very important for the work we do with their children as we share our views, concerns and hopes with them and of course they also have the opportunity to do the same.

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