Different but not Indifferent

Thus, following this slogan that says almost everything, children and youth from Delta Cultura Educational Center embraced the idea of visiting children and youth with Special Educational Needs (SEN) of Tarrafal who make part of the project “Different But Not Indifferent“.

As sort of a retribution visit that these children and youth always make to the Center, the approximately fifty participants of Delta Cultura Educational Center spent a very special day for about two hours with these children and youth who need our special attention.

The project is run in one of the classrooms of the Primary School “MEC” now dubbed “The Hall of Heroes” in Tarrafal. During the visit, it could be noticed that the “Hall of Heroes” is a room where almost everything is concentrated, from small gaming sessions in group or individually as a way to work the needs of these children. However it couldn’t be unnoticed as well that number of children and youth in this project have declined gradually if we compare with last years.

But given the many difficulties facing the project, and in conversation with the project manager in Tarrafal “Sabá” it is in the same room that happens on every corner, in an improvised way, therapy sessions with these children and cocking as well.

Also taken the advantage of our presence, we also visited “The Resource Room”, a very well equipped space, in the same room, with a psychologist at the disposal of these children but also other children and youth with SEN of Tarrafal.

Before finishing our visit, it was conducted an adapted football game with children and youth from DCEC and children and youth with SEN where fun and enjoyment where the highlights of the game.

Take a look at the pictures of our visit and make sure you also pay a visit to these children and youth who need our attention, love and support.

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