Discovering Talents

The Delegation of the Ministry of Education and Sport of Tarrafal (DMEST) through its Office of Psychological Support and Monitoring (OPSM) carries out at the Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC ) a number of activitiesDSC00244 within the program by DMEST titled “Discovering Talents”.

The activities had their start in the morning with the speech of the local delegate of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MES), Mr. José dos Reis Lopes that after making a brief overview about the different Special Educational Needs (SEN ) that affect our children, young people and others, he left in the air a few motivating words “Working with individuals with special needs is hard enough, but if we make use of two tools like sensitivity and dedication is all very simple”.

The resource room that will contain inside all the materials to help children/young carriers of SEN in the county and beyond, will work in one of the classrooms at the former EBC now called MEC, where parents and/or guardians can bring their children to take part of the various activities that happens there.

Also during the activities, which at each break was animated by Batucadeiras Delta Cultura and participants, the psychologist DMEST, Janet Fortes, made ​​an intervention, to discuss the inclusion of special people through sports, but also coincided with the book signing commitment by parents/guardians, local delegate of MES among others.

The signing consisted of the following: each one watered by hands in a bucket of ink and then leave their fingerprints in that book. Fingerprints left on the book serve as a proof that all parents would take care of their children/young people with SEN with great affection, love, pride, dedication and satisfaction, for whatever she/they be carrying as SEN.

Signed the book, it was moved to the painting contest, as well as the demonstration in the field of children’s special talent in sports which included the practice of numerous different types of sports at the same time and even a wheelchair race that also includes other participants not on wheelchair.

To finish in a very special day for these children/youths, it was submitted all the drawings from the painting contest, where in each presentation there was notorious smile on each child as well as parents who showed us to be very proud of their children. But it was also the commitment that everyone would also join a group at the request of the Paralympics Committee of Cape Verde (PCCV), a news that was very welcomed by the presents who will start to take significant steps for the formation of the district council association.

Therefore, this one day with the carriers of SEN at DCEC, so please check how was the whole day in the pictures bellow.

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