Doctor at the Education Center

A doctor of the local hospital has agreed to visit our Education Center once a month to check the health situation of the boys and girls of the different programs. In early June, the first visit happened. The doctor found good approach to the children who at first  were a little bit respectfull and with a little bit of fear. This action made ??it possible for us to respond to one or the other obvious health problem of the children and to have a look at their  body and water care and give them tips for these important issues. As a big part of the children come from a especialy poor background we are now trying to expand our cooperation with the Ministry of Health to at least get the various special analysis that can’t be done at the Center for a reduced price at the local hospital. We also want to try to involve local pharmacies to get them donate the most important medicaments. With this action Delta Cultura has taken responsibility at another very important issue for the development of our target group.

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