Easter holidays’ Activites

ferias2trimestre-1Delta Cultura Educational Center held during the Easter holidays, educational and sports activities with the engagement of children and youth from the community of Tarrafal.

The aim of Delta Cultura was offering these children and young people a range of educational and sports activities to entertain them during this vacation that often goes by unnoticed or not used by children and young peoplefrom the community of Tarrafal.

The activities took place from April 4th to April 8th, from 09am to 2pm at Delta Cultura Educational Center.

The activities started soon on 4th of April, with the Spelling Bee always as the first activity of the day, from 09 to 10 am.

Soon afterwards, there was the Football Tournament for Children from 10 to 11am. This tournament was highlighted by moments of pure joy, satisfaction, smiles, laughs, and great talents discovered.

Followed, the Football Tournament for Children, from 11:30 to 13pm, happened the Football3 Tournament, with remarkable participation of young people and adolescents from the community of Tarrafal that are outside the educational programs of Delta Cultura. This tournament was illuminated by the fair-play spirit, responsibility, respect, fun, tolerance, solidarity among other guidelines that define the very concept of Football3.

Even after Football3 Tournament, from 1 to 2pm, the children had the opportunity to participate in the Word Puzzle Contest, where registered children and young people showed a lot of concentration and attention and agility in computer handling.

Still, within the Art School, the children could attend the Wall-painting of “Pousada”, accompanied by Monitor Alejandro. This activity was the only activity that didn’t take place at Delta Cultura Educational  Center, but still it could be seen that the children had a wonderful time painting and customizing the wall.

And so, in that order happened activities in the Delta Cultura Educational Center. There was the commitment of many people in the community, which even if not registered in the activities, came to the center to see the activities, and some even took the opportunity to sell snacks to the people who were there.

Check out some photos of what were the activities of the Easter holidays in Delta Cultura Educational Center .

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