Election of new organs of the Association DCCV

On August 2nd of this year, around 20 pm, people gathered at the Central School of Tarrafal all concerned to elect new Druckrepresentatives of Delta Culture Association Cape Verde, which was attended by former members and new assets of the same. The meeting was chaired by the President Miliana Moreno and the table was made ​​by the Secretary Jassica Edna Fernandes and Maria Sanches Cardoso who until then held the position of Vice-President of the Assembly. The agenda was to elect new representatives of the association, but before conducting the election, it was clarified important issues including the topics of the last meeting, detailed explanation of the Statute of the President and the Association in its various aspects. There was no election itself because only one of the people who had expressed an interest in assuming the position came to the meeting. Therefore, in the absence of other candidates she was automatically elected as new President of Delta Culture Association. The new President’s name is Miss Dirce Helene Bettencourt Gomes who presented her list that was approved by the new Assembly which had also been made ​​on this day. And as such we have the new face of Delta Culture Association consists of the following members: Assembly: President: Miss Edna Maria Sanches Cardoso Vice-President: Sr.Carlos de Anunciação Correia Lopes Secretary: Sr. Florian Carl Wegenstein Presidency: President: Miss Helene Bettencourt Dirce Gomes Vice-President: Miss Edna Tavares Gonçalves Suzete Secretary: Miss Ruana Benilde Lopes Fernandes Treasurer: Miss Estela Amaryllia Correia Treasurer Sr. Fernando Lopes Tavares

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