Field Trip to the Health Delegation of Tarrafal

As part of the partnership between Delta Culture Educational Center and the Health Delegation of Tarrafal, and meeting the Centre’s work programs, in the past 18 December 2014, the Delegation opened its doors for children and young people of that center for a guided tour. The visit aimed to give these children and youth of the tarrafal community the opportunity to know, directly, the different departments of the institution and how each one works and also as a way to demonstrate their solidarity and sympathy with patients in this festive season. With regard to the visit itself, we were guided by Mr. Amaro, an official of the institution, who kindly made a presentation for the children and youths of the Centre. After the introductions we were guided to the secretary of the institution where children came to know how the administrative part of the institution works. After that Mr. Amaro led us to the different departments of the institution where it was possible to see firsthand the hard work of the doctors and nurses on duty. The recognition was well expressed in the words of thanks from the children themselves to the Delegation and especially to Mr. Amaro for the great service. The visit could not end in the best way, since after to visit at the Delegation, children and youth were taken to the beach where they had great moments of pure joy. The satisfaction was evident in every smile and every gesture that they shared with each other.

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