Football Tournament for the kids

turnier_calheta_3_240213As an initiative of bdsportactive, an association in Calheta (village on the east coast of Santiago), last Sunday was the first time that a tournament for all football schools of the region of the North of Santiago was organized. At this tournament children from the agegroups U9, U11 and U13 from the football schools bdsportactive and Esperanca from Calheta, the football school from our neighbouring village Chao Bom and of course ourselves participated. Out of the six invited football schools, four football schools were able to participate. Considering the financial difficulties that the associations have with transport and board for the children, this is a very good average. The teams of the football schools bdsportactive and Delta Cultura played with mixed teams. Girls and boys proofed that in their age group they still harmonize (I mean concerning football). The girls from the Calheta Football School are already well integrated into the team. Our teams still needs a bit of training. While the boys are collectively attacking the ball, some girls move away from the ball. In certain situations a perfect tactical movement, but not if its only purpose is to escape … However, escape or not all the boys and girls had great fun on this day.The drive to Calheta is already an adventure for the children and it is always a pleasure to experience the excitement of the children on these trips. Recommendable! This tournament on Sunday was the first in a series of five. Till the end of the school year in June, we will organize one tournament each month for the age groups U9, U11, and U13. Furthermore the football schools from the region plan to introduce a championship for these age groups. We want to start in October 2013. Another problem is tackled once more now: none of the football schools in the north of Santiago have so far managed to join the Regional Football Association. The Football Association shows no interest in doing so and seems not to have the legal knowledge how to proceed with this matter. The President is the only one active in this association and focuses only on the organization of the regional championship where 18 teams participate (not one of these clubs work with children and young people, and even less with women and girls). There are two aims of this initiative. First we want to get all the Football Schools registered on the Regional Football Association and secondly we want the Football Association to officially assign one person for the responsibility of child, youth and women football at the Association. An initial meeting with the President of the Association has taken place and he showed interest in the initiative. So after 10 years and lots of unsuccessful attempts to register our Football School we will try once more. Let’s hope it will work out this time.

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