Free psychological assistance to students

Within the psychological program conducted by Delta Culture of Cape Verde (DCCV) the association in partnership with the Cape Verdean Institute for Children and Adolescents (ICCA) offers free psychological counseling to students in the Tarrafal Education Centre. 

Psycologist from ICCA, Students and Delta Cultura Staff responsible for the programme

On last September 28, 2012, two psychologists ICCA, Nilson Jorge Gonçalves Mendes and Ana, psychologist intern at the institute, were in the Delta Culture for a first visit and analysis in psychological care aimed at children / adolescents Center for Education Tarrafal (CET) which brought together a first contact eight (8) children. The aim is to identify and correct patterns of thoughts and behaviors that these children negatively influence during the psychosocial development and school performance and secondly to provide learning opportunities and knowledge to each of them. According to the agreement signed between the two parties, the service runs on the premises of the center of education, monthly, and even without financial costs both for beneficiaries and for the association sees this as an incentive but to be able to help so many children / teenagers faced with this problem in the county. Check out the images so the very first visit and may soon be abreast of news on this topic that so worries the community Delta Culture.

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