Fridays Tournament – 2nd Edition

DSC00745On the ongoing process of using football for social development, Delta Cultura Educational Centre (DCEC) conducts the 2nd Edition of the Fridays Tournament.

Featuring a total of 187 participants this time, including children/youth and DCEC monitors, we could gather everyone in a football party , bringing together the joy , unity and the cultivation of friendship that each one has for each other.

The tournament had its start on January 10th and it will end on March 9 of this year and will culminate with the presentation of trophies and the delivery of One World Futbol Balls to each participant of the DCEC, Community Associations, Municipalities, Football Schools, Governmental States and others.

The event also features a number of other cultural activities, including the parade of tabanca, celebration of the 11th Anniversary of the Delta Cultura’s Batuco Group, joining the action of various musical groups Tarrafal.

This event will be held in the neighborhood of Covão Sanches in Tarrafal.

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