Fundraising for Weekend Camping at Delta Cultura Educational Centre

Almost traditionally weekend camping at Delta Cultura Educational Centre gather around 220 children and young people essen_sammeln_4who come to visit the various educational programs at the end of the school year. Three days filled with games, discussions, food and drink. This year, for the first time in the new Tarrafal Football for Hope Centre associated with artificial turf. Now, children can practice until 11 o’clock at night their football talent. The weekend camping will be held in late July. Since we have no specific funding to ensure the children total support, Delta Cultura team has made its way through the community, which yesterday for example, went from house to house in seeking support in the form of cash and/or food. More than 50 kg of rice, onion, oil and 3,000 shields were raised. And we have not even yet traveled half the village yet. Amazed and touched also by experience: families that even being very poor always offer of goodwill at least a small bag of rice or two onions. It is seen that it is quite obvious the availability of these families even in the lament about the crisis and extreme poverty … This experience and many discussions about Delta Cultura, our work, the living conditions in the various families who were part of this campaign fundraising, a unique experience, will be discussed at the camping. Thanks to everyone who donated and who therefore made the children feel happy to the weekend camping in the Delta Cultura Educational Centre!

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