Girls group improves

For more then 2 months now, our two interns are working together with us in the Education Center. They are mostly speciefied in tutoring the girls – and help them with their homework and studying. Scince they arrived they helped us to improve our work. With an eye on the deficits of the girls, and with a lot of help from the employees from Delta Cultura, new methods ,how to improve their studying skills with fun and games, were developed. An mathematic- tournament was organised, wich was premied with a “sweet” price. So the girls had a lot of motivation to give their best and studied a lot, to win  the game. The tournament was very sucessfull and the girls could improve their mathematic skills as well. For the younger girls, Anna and Julia prepared games for studying, lettermemory and worksheets as well. The improvement of the school performance of the girls is already visible. The personal attention they get helps them on a longterm basis. That is why deticated and indepentently working interns like Anna and Julia help the girls a lot!

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