Homework- and tutoring groups for girls

Thanks to the  George Kraus foundation, we can continue our learning support group for girls in the school year 2011/2012. The German Foundation has funded a teacher for the ongoing school year. Part of the 30 girls come to the center in the morning and the other part in the afternoon, where they do their homework under supervision. We also have a look at their school grades and work with the girls in small tutoring groups if necessary. Since we from Delta Cultura, are only human we make mistakes but we also learn from our mistakes. That’s why we made some improvements in comparison to last year. First of all we took girls from lower grades and all of them in about the same age. As an incentive for the girls to come to the Center every day we offer them computer classes twice a week and after doing their homework they can stay at the Center and play games. The intensity and loudness with which they do so is the proof of the joy they have. It looks like the girls are a strong group this year and this fact alone makes the attendance lists look a lot better than the ones last year. The girls look forward to coming to the center despite homework and other annoying things they have to do.  Through this their school grades will certainly improve constantly.

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