Important visits

We from Delta Cultura are very pleased and honoured about the visits we received in the last days from different cooperation partners. Katrin Elsemann from streetfootballworld, Corina Eggenberger from FIFA-Football for Hope Movement and the president of the Cape Verdean Football Federation visited the Education Center Tarrafal. The main reason of their visit was to get a better insight of the work of Delta Cultura and to get to know the members, their engagement, their ideas and hopes. Not without pride we think we can say that all the visitors were impressed and got back to their daily work with a positive impression of the Center and our work. What does not mean that the reason for their visit was the glorification and praise of each other. In many discussions and interviews we analysed the work of Delta Cultura, also in order to find the weak points and at the same time the areas were we can improve. Also the boys and girls from the different education programs had their profit out of these visits. They spent two days at the Center and were entertained with food, football and other games, painting and a workshop about the protection of sea turtles. They also enjoyed the days. A small drop of bitterness and also a hint to one of our weak points: we all were so happy about our visitors, so sunken in our discussions, analysis and meals that we all forgot to take a picture of all the visitors together with members of Delta Cultura. What a shame! Like this we have no visual proof and souvenir photo. Delta Cultura wants to use the opportunity to thank Katrin from streetfootballworld, Corina from FIFA-Football for Hope and Mr. Semedo from the Cape Verdean Football Federation for their visit. Without the support of these organisations the educational programs of the Center would not be as developed and numerous as they are!

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