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For seven days M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) was the main issue in our Education Center. Not for the childre but for the staff members. For seven days we developed in various group work important issues like, what we exactly want to achieve with our work (theory of change), which short-term and long-term results we must achieve to accomplish this change, which indicators can show us whether we accomplish the results and finally what methods we can use to measure the results of our work. All by ourselfs we probably wouldn’t have been able to cope with all these issues. But we were not left alone. We had and have Infocus to develop our M&E field. The name Infocus stands for three very strong organisations which joint to help organisations to develop their M&E: streetfootballworld (sfw), Aqumen and Laureus. Thanks to these supporters, we had this 7-day workshop under the direction of Katrin (sfw) and Tom (Aqumen) … and that was just the beginning. Aqumen is developing a software for Delta Cultura with our exact requirements. From September on we will be able to use this software to record all important data about the children and adolescents who come to the Center. Data about their health, their school performance, their social environment and we can put data about surveys into the data base too. And of course we will be able to analyze this information. So for Delta Cultura Infocus stands for: development, transparency, reporting, performance measurement, employee training … Many thanks to the partners for this knowledge and money transfer. As performance measurement in the social sector can have a bit of a negative connotation, we also want to mention a few methods that we will use to evaluate our work. Because their won’t be only simple questionnaires among children, parents and other stakeholders, but also much more creative methods such as discussion groups, video interviews with children, games, diaries, painting and much more. From September on we will use the software and start to get our M&E sector going. The team of Infocus will continue on our side … so actually nothing can go wrong on our way to a organisation with strong and usefull monitoring and evaluation of our work and therefor constant improvement of our programes.

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