Since a week and for the next four months Julia Wild and Anna Schrammel – two Social Academy graduates from Vienna – are here in Tarrafal with us to learn, paint and play with the boys and girls of the Education Center. A good time to do so as the school year is approaching its decisive phase with the final exams come up soon. Julia and Anna have settled in quickly, speak almost fluently bumpy Kreolo and are very popular among the boys and girls. Currently the children are also tutored by Manuela. Attentive readers and photo viewers of this blog will recognise Manuela as one of the longtime Batukadera. Manuela is a member of the Batuko group since its existence(2004). After finishing school she went to Portugal to study but did not cope with the complicated circumstances abroad. As one of few who admit these problems she came back to Tarrafal. Here she started a training in the neighboring city of Assomada to become a nurse. But after a few months she had to quit as she was not able to pay for the tuition fees anymore … Since it is not clear whether and by when she will solve this financial problem, she decided to work as a volunteer with us and help the children to a positive degree.

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