Language Classes

aula-de-linguasAs new work methodology wagered by the Delta Cultura Education Center (DCEC), it was decided to create different rooms to participants of the center which is an asset to their learning.

Hence the creation of the Language Classroom is composed by the Portuguese class with the  Portuguese volunteer Cláudia Pedro, the Spanish class with the monitor Alejandro Garcia, the German class with the German volunteer Lena Saur, the English class with the monitor Gilson da Costa, the Creole class for the and the French with the monitor Samir Furtado.

With all these and in harmony between all these languages, it was created a curriculum of languages ​​that we want to apply for this year’s experience.

If all goes well, which we believe it will, we will continue these classes in the coming years in a row as one of the regular programs of DCEC.

The language classes are still available to all persons who are interested in learning to speak those languages. Therefore see below the developed curriculum and come to visit the classroom. conteudos-aulas-de-lingua

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