Lecture about “Chldren Healthy Foods”

Under the theme “Food”, and soon after its recent creation, Delta Cultura’s Kindergarten organized a lecture on December 5th, with the presence of the Nutritionist Dr. Daniel Sanches. It began around 2.30pm and had a lot of adherence from families and children. The main objective of the lecture was to sensitize families to the importance of healthy eating, to change eating behaviors, to provide information and guidelines for healthy living, to distinguish healthy foods from unhealthy foods, those who present the greatest risk in the feeding of children. The caregivers had the opportunity to hear some useful advice on good nutrition for children and good hygiene practices, as well as their doubts about the issue. A number of advice and examples of food that children are asked to bring to the morning snack, avoiding greasy and health-damaging foods, have opted for more nutritious but equally economic foods. Nowadays, kindergarten caregivers have been able to verify and evaluate that most of the children brought a healthier snack compared to what they had previously. Thus, we hope to contribute to the awareness of families regarding the importance of knowing how to choose the best foods for our children to grow healthy and strong!

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