Lecture about Communication Techniques in Microsoft PowerPoint

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde, through its Delta Cultura Educational Center, held last May 09th two educational lectures under the topic Communication Techniques in Microsoft PowerPoint in partnership with Tarrafal High School. The lecture was conducted by Pedro Pereira, a Portuguese graduated in Bioengineering – Biomedical Engineering, and a Master of Medical Physics, which has been providing volunteer service at Delta Cultura since April 19th of this year.

Regarding the lecture itself, this took place in Tarrafal High School, targeting students of the same. It was conducted in two periods, one in the morning with an average of 31 students of 10th grade, and in the afternoon, with 21 students, also of 10th grade.

Its already notorious the monotony of oral presentations by reading the papers in the secondary school context. Students never resort to PowerPoint software to expose their presentations, because they lack knowledge about the handling of the same or even often by totally unaware of the existence and use of the same, as in the secondary school context inTarrafal.

So the theme portrayed in the lecture is of great preponderance at the school as the students revelead to know very little of this presentation mechanism.

So Pedro portrayed in details the criteria for a good presentation via PowerPoint, also giving focus to the mistakes that is often made in each stage of preparation of an exhibition via PowerPoint. It was a lecture much well-directed, bearing in mind the pre-existing knowledge of students about the same.

Delta Cultura thanks the Tarrafal High Schooll the availability of space and students to hold this lecture as well as Pedro Pereira to bring a topic to our school context that was and is lacking such an approach.

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