Lecture about dangers of internet

Delta Cultura will make a lecture about the dangers of internet for children and teenagers… and even adults! In the second Sunday of May (8/05/2011), at 14 o’clock in the central school of Tarrafal. With the growing and unstoppable usage of internet by everyone, with its innumerous services, games and all that it has to offer, more and more people are and will be using the world wide web. Surf on the internet is as fun as it is dangerous and although the risks are smaller than the importance of being connected it is mandatory that everyone knows it’s threats. The aim of this lecture is, therefore, to INFORM children, teenagers and adults about the menaces existing on internet. We should access the internet and take advantage of it in all possible ways, but being careful does not hurt (and can help!). This lecture will take around one and a half hours.

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