Lecture about Nutrition

Delta Cultura Educational Center held last April 27th, Wednesday, a lecture on nutrition for children and young participants of Delta Cultura programs. The lecture took place in the morning period, at 10am and was conducted by the local Food Engineer, Daniel Sanches, better known by all as “Dá de Bita“. The aim of the lecture was talking  with the children about the importance of nutrition, its advantages as well as its consequences. Also it was a focus, to show children how to maintain a healthy diet in low cost in Cape Verdean context. It was a very interactive lecture where children were very attentive to the issue, demonstrating some knowledge already gained on this issue. The speaker explained about the evils of excessive consumption of processed foods, and on the other hand, the advantages of consumption of natural foods. There was also opportunity for participants to put their questions concerning their curiosities. Curiosities these, all of which were clarified by the speaker, who also took the opportunity to ask some questions to the participants as a way to assessing their understanding on the matter. In overall, it was a very good lecture. Also we take the opportunity to advise all to adopt a healthy diet, using more natural foods that we have in abundance, rather than processed foods. For more information about Nutrition, please contact our local Engineer, in his office in the town center, or through his facebook page, “Nutriçon Terra Terra“.

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